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  • Autumn Dusk charm 3626
    Autumn Dusk charm 3626
  • Deep Water charm 3627
    Deep Water charm 3627
  • Dragonfly charm 3628
    Dragonfly charm 3628
  • Grey Mist charm 3624
    Grey Mist charm 3624
  • Spring Dawn charm 3625
    Spring Dawn charm 3625
  • Sunset charm 3623
    Sunset charm 3623
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This charming lace weight yarn is perfect for making delicate shawls and accessories. Its blend of acrylic, wool & mohair gives it a very light and delicate feel while its colour swirl nature knits up to reveal beautifully subtle colour changes. Each garment takes just a single ball in the smallest size. Feather light & gossamer soft.


Yarn Color

Autumn Dusk charm 3626, Deep Water charm 3627, Dragonfly charm 3628, Grey Mist charm 3624, Spring Dawn charm 3625, Sunset charm 3623


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