Wendy is the largest producer of hand knitting yarns in the UK and is a major spinner in the World market.

From multi-colored sock yarns to super-chunky scarf novelties, adorable baby prints to their celebrated monster-sized 400g traditional Aran balls – Wendy wool has something for everyone!




Wendy’s range of yarn includes wool blends, furry style yarn in funky colors, and glamorous sequined yarn for all your fashion needs.

Please take a look at the Wendy website to view the full range of designs and shade cards.

Lily-Rose can supply everything you may require from the Wendy range of yarns and knitting magazines.

Please contact us for further information or visit our shop in West Ealing in London.

Remember to come back to Lily-Rose to buy what you need as we can always offer the best price and service that is second to none!

We have the largest selection of the finest British and Fashion Wool
in London & the South East of England

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